E Ladakh Tourism

Stok Palace Museum

Address: Leh 194101,Ladakh, India

Present within the palatial residential compound of Ladakh's erstwhile royal family, the Stok Palace Museum provides a peek into the heritage of this secluded valley. The royal family of the region resided in this palace, until Zorawar Singh invaded Dogra and banished them from here. This large palace museum has only a small part open for visitors. Precious artefacts and relics related to Ladakh's old monarchy are well-preserved in this museum, which particularly attract historians and anthropologists. Ancient coins, royal seals, regal costumes, precious jewellery and photographs are also displayed here. This palace museum has a separate room for exhibiting the warfare equipment of Ladakh's kingdom, where people can see an impressive assortment of swords, shields, bows, arrows, quivers and guns. In simple words, the Stok Palace Museum is a place where visitors get familiarised with the splendid heritage of this Himalayan kingdom.

Opening Closing Time : 08:00 am - 05:00 pm. Open all days

For Kids : Visiting the Stok Palace Museum is a wonderful chance for children to know about the legacy of Ladakh.

Entrance Fee: Rs. 50 per Person